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CHINA More info

(CCG) China Comprehensive Gazeteers
(CAJ) China Academic Journals -- Over 10,000 titles, 1994 to present 10,378
Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics (Series A) 774
Chemistry, Metallurgy (Series B) 992
Industrial Technology & Engineering (Series C) 1,225
Agriculture (Series D) 696
Medicine/Health (Series E) 1,288
Literature/History/Philosophy (Series F) 939
Politics/Military Affairs/Law (Series G) 749
Education/Social Sciences (Series H) 2,100
Electronics/Information Science (Series I) 556
Economy & Management (Series J) 1,059
(CJP) Century Journals Project (circa 1900-1993) (Comprehensive Collection) 3,724
(CJP-1) Phase I of Century Journals Project (100 titles) 100
(CCND) China Core Newspapers 515
(CDMD) China Dissertations 1,155
(CPCD) China Conference Proceedings 25,394
(CYFD) China Yearbooks Full-text Database 3,396
(CRWO) China References Works Online 8,903
(CSYD) China Statistical Yearbooks Database 1,078
(CMSD) China Monographic Series Database 650
(CENSUS) China Census 152
(SSW) Sinica Sinoweb 14
(TJS) Taiwan Journals Search 196
(APABI) Apabi Newspapers 436
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(UDB-PLA) Jiefangjun Bao (PLA Daily) 1

RUSSIA More info

(UDB-COM) Russian Central Newspapers 62
(UDB-EDU) Social Sciences & Humanities Journals 78
(UDB-REG) Russian Regional Newspapers 111
(UDB-STM) Nauka Journals Online on Science, Technology & Medicine
(UDB-GOV) Governmental Publications 38
(UDB-LIB) Library and Information Sciences 15
(UDB-MED) Medicine and Public Health 27
(UDB-MIL) Military & Security Periodicals 56
(UDB-MGU) Moscow University Press 27
(UDB-SPU) St. Petersburg University Press 19
(UDB-NCAU) Newspapers of the North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia 19
(UDB-ISL) Russian Islamic Studies 7
(UDB-NEWS) Russian/NIS Newswires 10
(UDB-STAT-RUS) Russian Statistical Publications 120
(UDB-ECON) Russian Economics and Finance
(UDB-CD) Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press 1
(UDB-BIB-Russia) Russian National Bibliography 8
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(ABIM) Ab Imperio 1

UKRAINE More info

(UDB-UKR) Ukrainian Publications 40
(DA-DNR) Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection 10
(UDB-STAT-UKR) Statistical Publications of Ukraine 88


(UDB-CAC) Publications from Central Asia and the Caucasus 30
(UDB-EUR) Publications from Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine 18


(DA-ASC) Afghan Serials Collection. Partisan Publications from The Wahdat Library


(UDB-CMESS) Iranian Strategic Studies


(EB-KAEL) Kotobarabia E-Library
(EB-KAMAR) Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance
(EB-KALHP) Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians, and Philosophers 4,932

AFRICA More info

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